Professional | Architectural Visualization

This scene was rendered in Unreal Engine 4. These props were made for a VR Arch Viz scene that were commissioned by VX ( For this project i used Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Quixel Suite, UE4, and SpeedTree. This specific scene was not used for VX, but all the assets were used in one of their Realtor VR Experiences. Unfortunately their client requested a private demo and video of their product, so i cannot show that. Though i can show my work in my own scene below.


I have also worked on their main page’s VR demo. Below is a video fly-through. I did some texture and lighting work for this VR demo.

kevin-m-castaneda-highresscreenshot00013kevin-m-castaneda-highresscreenshot00015kevin-m-castaneda-highresscreenshot00011kevin-m-castaneda-highresscreenshot00008kevin-m-castaneda-highresscreenshot00007 kevin-m-castaneda-highresscreenshot00000

arcolamp livingroomsofa

One of the higher topology props, the objective here was to match the reference regardless of optimization. I recommend looking at the Marmoset Viewer belowottoman

kitchencounter fireplace