Professional | Looking Glass VR

This is an interior scene that i worked on for Looking Glass VR running on Unity 5. The app is¬†available on Play Store for Cardboard. Soon to follow will be a Gear VR version, and possible Oculus / HTC Vive release. You’ll find some marmoset viewer renders with same assets and textures below. Everything is optimized for mobile use.

“Looking Glass is a VR photo viewer application which presents historic stereographic photos in 3D. Even amongst VR early adopters, many people do not realize that stereoscopy is older than photography itself, and over one hundred and fifty years of historic scenes are preserved in 3D using various techniques. The most popular techniques and viewers resulted in the creation of many hundreds of thousands of these “stereoviews”, which were a popular form of home entertainment before radio or television.”

Some in app screenshots..



Here are some “beauty shots” rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.




screenshot012 screenshot005  screenshot007screenshot008 screenshot009 screenshot010 screenshot011